Social Justice and Equitable development



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Our achievements in number in 2014-2015, SFR helped many vulnarable people and youth through services in our programs



 SFR runs more than 15 facilities and programs in 14 districts and sectors around the country. more...

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Our Vision:“To promote and expand access to education and vocational training for vulnerable children and youths”


Our Vision:“To promote and expand access to health services at a community level as a basis for improved health outcomes”

Social Protection

Our Vision:“To enhance the social protection of vulnerable groups in Rwanda in order to promote increased social and economic opportunity for all”

Child Rights and Women's Protection

Our Vision:“To ensure the protection and promotion of child rights in order to enhance universal social and economic opportunities for children and youths”

Environmental Protection

Our Vision:“To ensure environmental protection is a key dimension of all projects as a means to sustainable development”



Women & Youth Economic Empowerment

Our Vision:“To advance the lives of vulnerable women through improving access to equal economic opportunity”